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I have a few different here to stalk me in the most formal and in-depth way possible.

The Inner Journey

box about spirituality and linking toa page about law of attractin and all that good stuff

Where to start…

I like chocolate. And sunshine. And  tomatoes that are still warm off the vine. Funky socks, fabulous shoes that hurt too much to wear for longer than 3 hours, and soup. All kinds of soup.

I love the way I feel after I exercise, even though I wish I could feel that way (and look hot) without it.

I wear more hats than one person should perhaps be allowed to wear: musician, writer, actor, artist, graphic designer, mother, lover, friend, amateur psychologist for some friends…the list goes on. “Mother” alone implies about fifty other hats.

This website is designed to be my catchall–as I build out the others in the future.

Mainly I share my thoughts and rants and epiphanies. Perhaps there will be other things.