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I have a few different here to stalk me in the most formal and in-depth way possible.

The Inner Journey

box about spirituality and linking toa page about law of attractin and all that good stuff

I truly believe we are all multifaceted beings. You may have chosen to be a veterinarian, but chances are there is at least one other thing you are good enough at that you COULD have made a career out of it…had you CHOSEN that path.

This has been a constant source of agitation for me—I have a real problem with the “either/or” scenarios, much preferring the “AND” scenarios. To that end, I have become more a “Jenny of All Trades” rather than a “Mistress of One.” I trust that I will eventually find a place that is uniquely comfortable for me and includes enough “ANDS” to make me happy.

For now, that leaves me with quite a few different resumes. I think I have like, 34 right now…but I will just post a few here. Of course, if they seem to lack something specific for which you are looking (and you happen to be looking because you want to offer me a paying gig) then PLEASE be sure to ask me directly about anything–chances are I have or CAN do it, and it just didn’t make the cut when I created these bad boys in the first place.

One Page Theatre Resume

General Performance Resume

Marketing/Copywriting Resume

Graphic Design Resume

Marketing/Graphic Design Corporate Resume