I should be packing or cleaning or cooking. At the very least I should be finishing up that pesky book proposal or updating my graphic design portfolio for that new client that wants to pay me actual money.

Shoulda woulda coulda…

What I really want to talk about is this:

If you have not seen this then watch it now. I will wait.

Clearly it is a cutesie thing with hot army boys and hot cheerleaders and a silly fun song. Fine. But there is something deeper happening here.

Look at this one:

(I especially like the guy at 4:10 that starts the lawnmower with his glow sticks. That is not a euphemism.)

There are dozens, maybe more of these films. Google “Army dancing” and you will find all kinds. Some of these are seemingly major productions.

If you have ever done any video editing, you know that this is something of a major time investment. And yes, I know the old adage that “War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror” so there are plenty of our men and women in combat sitting over there bored out of their ever-loving minds with plenty of free time on their hands.

But a video project like this is more than boredom alleviation. It is, dare I say it? Art.

The simple truth is there are artistic filmmakers and visionaries serving over seas that are still managing to find time and energy to create a vision. The brutality and ugliness of war has not dampened their creativity. They have chosen to create, to make people laugh, to entertain, to give smiles and light-hearted purpose to their fellows in arms.

Isn’t that interesting?

Soldiers fighting wars in the blistering heat of miserable locations carrying giant machines of death can still find it within themselves to create art. To contribute to the upward curve of humanity.

So why do so many of us here, living in relative safety and comfort allow looming bills, imperfect relationships and piles of laundry come between us and the reason we are all here?

(I am guilty of this as much as anyone–the question is not rhetorical! I would very much LOVE to hear you chime in on the why and how of this topic!)

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